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We have kicked off our Warm the Homeless project and we need your help. This is the Twenty sixth Year that Gaia Works began doing this project, actually this project started in December of 1990 when Ms. Francs Norwood and I realized that there are people out there that don’t have the things we take for granted, such as - a place to live, socks, blankets, food, water, and being surrounded by loving friends and family every day. The number of homeless increased when the state began closing its institutions for senior citizens and the mentally challenged, resulting in more and more people living on the streets. When the economy worsened, the need for help doubled. So, 26 years later and we are still going strong and helping so many with your help. 


We will also be helping the Women and children of Coburn Place a domestic violence center with Christmas Stockings again this year.  We also need small items for the homeless bags - we hand these out to those who might come through the food pantry or someone we might see on a street corner. We also have a Food Pantry at The Magic Candle and as the need continues to rise we are always in need for this. It has been a hard summer for families in our community, we have been giving out about 10 boxes of food a week to families in need and Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and we want to make sure those that are in need will have food now and a meal for the holidays. 


COBURN PLACE NEEDS for DEC. 24th Delivery - 

There are 35 ladies in the shelter in need of:
• Hats
• Scarves
• Gloves
• Toiletries
• Small gifts - perfumes, powders, candles
• Christmas card (signed by someone who cares)


There are also 47 children in need of:
• Hats
• Scarves
• Gloves
• Books or coloring books
• School items
• Toys
• Stocking stuffers


• New Born(1 girls & 0 boys)

• 1 (3 girls & 3 boys)

• 2-3 (4 girls & 0 boys)
• 4-6 (2 girls & 4 boys)
• 7-10 (6 girls & 6 boys)
• 11-14 (2 girls & 5 boys)
• 15-18 (5 girls & 6 boys)



Hats, gloves, scarves (men, women, children)

Travel size toiletries


Non-perishable food items (cookies, cheese/peanut butter crackers, pop tarts, instant soups or cans with pop tops, juices, potted meat)

Old prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses



Canned vegetables (corn, mixed, pork-n-beans, ect.) 

Canned fruit 

Canned meats (tuna, chicken beef) 


Instant potatoes & rice

Powered Milk


Pancake Mix & Syrup 

Gifts cards (Kroger, Marsh, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Myers any place that sells food) for meat products and dairy. 


We are also in need of gift cards, wrapping paper, gift bags and tape. If you have any gently used or new items that would help meet the needs on any or all of these lists, please drop them by the Gaia Works, Inc. office in The Magic Candle at 203 S. Audubon Rd., Indianapolis, IN. 46219. If you want more info about this, please contact Jan DeFerbrache at 317-357-1101.


We NEED Your Help! The blessings that one receives in return for helping another can be limitless. Thank you so much for your contribution! 


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